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The Light Aircraft Association and flight equipment company Pooleys are combining forces to offer a “Spring Solo” bursary, giving £1,500 to a student pilot to assist them in reaching their first solo.

Launched to celebrate Pooleys 65th Anniversary in 2022, the bursary is aimed at an aspiring pilot of any age or background. The winning recipient will be able to nominate the flying school of their choice and the assistance will be deposited with the school to contribute to their costs of flying training.  Any future flying or ground instruction, the costs of medicals and/or licensing will be payable by the student.

All a candidate needs to do is answer, in 250 words, the question: “Why do I want to fly”.  The best response judged by the panel, will secure the pilot their bursary.

This one-off opportunity is open to budding pilots of all ages, whether they are an LAA member or not and it is being offered only between 1st and 31st March. Candidates can apply to, with the e-mail header “Spring Solo”.  A judging panel will meet in early April to select the lucky candidate, which means the winner can be in the pilot’s seat by the end of the month.

“One’s first solo is an iconic milestone for any pilot” says LAA Chief Executive Steve Slater. “We want to celebrate Pooleys anniversary by offering someone that opportunity. The candidate does not need to be an LAA member and it is not just a ‘young person’s bursary’, as there are many other such initiatives out there. This is aimed at someone who will be a worthy beneficiary regardless of age.”

Sebastian Pooley, Managing Director at Pooleys adds, “For seven decades Pooleys Flight Equipment has been serving the aviation community and has also given back to that very community that supports us. On our 65th anniversary we wanted to team up with the LAA to support the work that they do and to offer an opportunity for an individual to get involved in the world of aviation. We are confident that this bursary will enable a worthy candidate the chance to take full advantage of their flight training. We very much look forward to reading the applications.”

In addition to the bursary funding, the winner will be given a starter kit of pilot training materials by Pooleys worth £250, they and their chosen flying school will each receive a year’s subscription to the LAA and all entrants will receive the Association’s latest ‘Light Aviation’ magazine.

You can download the Poster here.

28th February 2022

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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